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According to Gartner IT spending will grow by 6.2% in the year 2021. Remote working and higher adoption of cloud technology mean that there is a lot of movement happening in the industry right now that businesses need to be aware of. Our library of resources includes technology and IT white papers by the industry's leading vendors. Get the latest information and stay up to date with developments in technology that can impact your business.

Topics Covered By White Papers In Technology

  1. Virtualization
  2. Data security
  3. SaaS solutions
  4. Remote working infrastructure
  5. Datacenter design, and more... 

Technology White Paper Examples:

Below are examples of technology whitepapers that you can find on our website. All our tech white papers are well researched and can be downloaded for free.

Negotiating With ServiceNow And Microsoft

The series of technology whitepapers by ClearEdge provides businesses with the information they need to get the best deal from ServiceNow and Microsoft. The sales teams at these companies are very good at what they do. Without the right knowledge and planning, businesses can find it difficult to negotiate a fair deal for their requirements. It is the sales team's objective to inflate demand and reduce the leverage businesses have so that all terms work out in the vendor's favor. Download the technology whitepaper on Microsoft and ServiceNow's sales tactics to learn how these companies operate and what you can do to ensure you get an optimal price for your licensing.

White Paper In Technology And Security

The white paper by Splunk explores what are the essential requirements of a security operations center. A SOC ensures that the people, processes and technology at an organization are secure. It is a centralized unit that plays a crucial role. An increase in remote working driven by the pandemic forced a lot of businesses to bring in new technologies and upgrade their infrastructure at a very fast pace. This has created new challenges related to security. A modern SOC should be capable of meeting these new requirements. In such information technology whitepapers, you will learn what are the 10 essential components of a modern SOC.

The End Of Traditional Offices And The Rise Of Virtual Desktops

Citrix Systems Inc is an American multinational firm that provides cloud computing, desktop virtualization, app virtualization, server, networking, and software as a service technology. In their series of tech white papers you can learn about the 3 benefits of Citrix ADC with flexible licensing, the Business value of Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktops, and how businesses can support more remote workers. Virtualization makes it easier for businesses to scale up or down based on their requirements. It empowers businesses to ensure that remote employees remain productive. 

What Is The Purpose Of Our Tech White Papers?

The main goal of our white paper in technology and other areas is to educate readers and share valuable information. The information contained in our resources can be used to convince your peers, colleagues, and management about the need for a technology upgrade or the benefits of a particular SaaS solution. Reading these white papers will help you stay informed about what is going on in the industry. You can be an early adopter of technologies and solutions that will improve your bottom line.

These information technology whitepapers are persuasive essays that utilize facts to provide answers to issues. If you need to solve a business issue or are looking for a new solution, you should start by doing your research. White papers are an excellent source for research in the early buying process. Vendors use these documents to introduce their organization and propose solutions to problems you may be facing.

Why Do Vendors Share And Publish Information Technology White Papers?

Information technology white papers are an excellent tool for vendors to educate potential customers and establish themselves as leaders in their field. These reports are a way for firms to share internal research, talk about their service and introduce new services or solutions. They can break information down in a way that can be understood by potential customers. The business purchase cycle often involves multiple stakeholders. Not all stakeholders may have the same level of technical knowledge. In such situations, a well-written white paper can be used by a potential customer to highlight the benefits of a service or solution offered by a vendor. In this way, it can help them gather leads and increase sales.

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